sex, norms and ideology

By: bludgerbabe731

Jan 29 2014

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so, i recently had a thought i would like to share. the thought concerns the scene of game of thrones in the first season where karl drogo and the khalessi get married. do you remember the half naked women dancing in something that all too easy would make a mother reach over to cover the eyes of her son as it is indeed a portrayal of sexual lust and movement that she might, out of reflection, want to shield the young eyes from.

now, there are several things that come to my mind. first, it is interesting to observe, how, over the times, the idea of sexual norm change. i think of durkheim and his study of sexuality, even though it is not without flaws it does portray the changing of what we deem “acceptable” in the public eye and what is not. from the times when it was without…

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