Game Of Thrones: 12 Sickening Moments Almost Too Disgusting For TV

By: bludgerbabe731

Jan 29 2014

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Game Of Thrones certainly wouldn’t have worked ten years ago. On a simplistic level the series wasn’t developed enough; only three of the books (out of five now published and two more still to come) had been released, meaning the show would have little content beyond what will be our fourth series. But, more importantly, the TV landscape was a very different place. Peter Jackson had made high fantasy cool with his epic Lord Of The Rings series, so in theory this more medieval take wouldn’t have been a hard sell. But with Lost yet to capitalise on The X-Files’ success and kick more fantastical TV into the mainstream, it was either for kids or a part of our own world. And that’s not even touching on HBO, whose major shows, The Sopranos and The Wire, were gritty, crime-filled and yet to make massive waves.

Ultimately, however, Game Of Thrones…

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