First Topic of Discussion Lorde !

By: bludgerbabe731

Jan 29 2014

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As many of you may know by now Lorde is a very talented 17 year old  artist from New Zealand who already has two Grammies. The only problem is that I feel as though people only know Royals and there is so much more to the New Zealand native. To start of her name is Lorde with an “e” at the end if you guys don’t know she added the “e” to put a feminine touch on a very arrogant name and trust me I am not using the word arrogant in a negative way I think it’s about time that a young female artist came around to be a role model for little girls to show that they don’t have to hide their quirkiness or arrogance because of the engraved idea of how a girl should act that society has put in our brains since we were little. That girls should be cute and sweet and not smarter or better than boys but to always compete with a girls. Lorde is the complete opposite of what society has envisioned for young girls and I love that about her! The title of her album is genius as well being titled “Pure Heroine”. Heroine meaning A woman noted for courage and daring action.” If it wasn’t made abundantly clear by her stage name and album title Lorde is a feminist you can also hear it in the lyrics of her music. Her lyrics are simple and relatable for anyone in high school and she wrote them herself! I can’t wait to see what will become of Lorde but I know so far that I like it. Long may queen Lorde slayy, and reign!


One comment on “First Topic of Discussion Lorde !”

  1. I agree! She is pretty cool. I have her EP. I like you review and your thoughts about her. You just need more. You have about half of the required length.

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