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By: bludgerbabe731

Jan 28 2014

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Hay everyone my name is bludgerbabe and I would like to introduce you to my amazing blog. This blog is where I can pour out the geeky and artistic side of myself. Along with my book and music reviews I will also share my thoughts on different topics. If you cannot tell by my username I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, any fantasy books, t.v. shows, or movies and socio path’s. Two in particular Norman Bates and Dexter Morgan  <3. I am also a feminist but I mean what girl isn’t. I guess I can start off by naming some of my favorite pieces of literature. This is in no particular order ..

1.)   Harry Potter series by: J.K. Rowling

2.)   Percy Jackson series  by: Rick Riordan

3.)   The lost heroes series also by Rick Riordan

4.)   Perks of being a wallflower by: Stephen Chomsky

5.)   Psycho by: Robert Bloch

6.)   The Awakening by: Kate Chopin

7.)   Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

8.)   The Glass Castle by: Jeanette walls

9.)   The giver by: Lowis Lowry

……And many more books that I will reveal to overtime along with a review

Now for some of my favorite songs, and artist also in no particular order. At least not consciously

1.)   EdSheeran  

2.)   Lorde

3.)   Paloma Faith

4.)   The Beatles

5.)   Stevie Nicks

6.)   Duffy

7.)   Beyonce

8.)   Jetta

9.)   London Grammer

10.)Lily Allen

10.)        Birdy

Once again I have many more artists to reveal to you over time ..

I hope you enjoy my blog !(:


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